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Our Daily Forex Forecasts & Coaching Will Dramatically Increase Your Win Rate, Slash Your Losses And Allow You To Finally Achieve The Trading Success You Deserve!

ForesightFX provides daily forecasts and coaching which enables forex traders to easily inject the winning edge of a 20 year trading veteran into their daily trading activities

How Does It Work?

Every day our top trader, Carlos Diaz, uses his vast knowledge and experience to analyse the forex market on a deeper level than most forex traders could ever dream possible. Carlos combines time tested price action techniques with insider knowledge of how the “big time players” will be influencing price movements.

This cocktail of trading knowledge is like gold dust! It allows anyone “in the know” to literally predict with an extremely high probability how price is likely move in future. Just let that sink in for a moment. Imagine what you could do if you had that kind of insight into how the markets are most likely to move . . .

Increase Your Win Rate Almost Over Night

The vast majority of traders who subscribe to our forecasts and coaching find their win rate is dramatically increased once they get daily access to the winning edge it took over 20 years for Carlos to hone.

People assume that a true winning strategy has to be complicated. However, we’ve proved that to be dead wrong! The calculations going on behind the scenes are complicated, but the knowledge and skill needed to implement the strategy is simplicity itself. Anyone can do it no matter what skill level you are currently at.

The Big Picture & How it Can Transform Your Trading

Take a look at the diagram to the left. It shows the six essential elements involved in our powerful trading strategy.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is complicated. With our expert guidance you can easily combine those six elements to deliver staggering returns on a daily basis. Let me prove it by walking you through each element and how it all fits together.

Accurately Predict Reversal Points in a Trend With The Synergy Zone

The Synergy Zone represents a highly probable reversal point. By having it plotted on your chart, you will know in advance where price is likely to change direction hours before it actually happens.

We can’t tell you why this happens – that’s our closely guarded secret – but having it plotted everyday will dramatically improve your chances of a PIP windfall.

Our Highly Accurate Targets Mean You Will Know In Advance Where Price is Likely to End Up

As part of the ForesightFX package we provide you with three daily targets for each pair we are trading that day. These have been calculated using pure price action techniques. “Spooky” is the phrase often used to describe the accuracy of these daily targets.

Having these targets allows you to bag more PIPS for two reasons. They stop you from staying in trades too long or from exiting too quickly. And since there are three targets, you can protect your capital by managing your risk as price moves through them just like the professional traders do. This is all explained in an easy to understand way in our Trading Manual – available to everyone who takes our service for a test drive.

Start Your Trading Day with a Look at the Markets Through the Eyes of a Master Trader

As well as access to the Synergy Zone and Targets we want to make absolutely sure you feel safe and secure trading with us so we also include a daily video too.

These Videos Are Normally Made Up Of 3 Parts...

Slash Your Losses and Maximize Your Wins with Multiple levels of Confirmation Built into Our Proven Trading Strategy

Most forex services just spew out random signals and their subscribers act on them like Casino payers betting on the roulette wheel. We are different! We teach you how to interpret multiple levels of confirmation as they are happening in the markets. This means you will know with a high level of certainty what to expect in each trade and as a result you can manage your risk accordingly. This is just one of the ways we are teaching serious traders to become professionals on a daily basis. We leave nothing to chance.

Our Price Action Based Entry and Exit Strategies Enable You to Feel Safe and Secure in Every Trade

Having trouble pulling the trigger? How about knowing when to close for maximum profits? The Pivot Step System is a powerful and accurate trading methodology that Carlos has been teaching for years. You get full access to this training inside ForesightFX. You also get to see it in action in real life scenarios on a daily basis as a member of our service. Combine this with the Synergy Zone, Targets and Confirmation strategies we talked about earlier and you have a robust and accurate trading methodology that will serve you for many years to come.

Money Management Techniques that Protect Capital, Minimize Risk and Maximize Profits

ForesightFX members understand good money management because we teach it daily using live market situations. If you have ever had any doubt over how much capital to risk or where to set your stop loss then breath a sign of relief. We are about to dispel that fog once and for all. The answer to those questions lies within the set up you are looking to trade. Simple price action patterns tell you everything you need to know. A simple calculation and a small shift in mind set is all that is needed to handle your account like a top level professional trader.

Hundreds of Traders are Now Combining These Six Powerful Elements to Enhance Their Daily Trading Profits While Slashing Their Losses At The Same Time

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Take Your Forex Trading Skills to the Next Level with Our VIP Video Training Library

Full ForesightFX members get access to our growing library of powerful training videos. These videos pull back the curtain on Carlos’ most closely guarded techniques. Many of these lessons are made from real life case studies from actual trading situations. Carlos walks you through the scenario in each video and explains the process he uses again and again to turn a profit. This section also includes special training on how to profit from volatile or unexpected situations where your initial trade has turned sour.

Most Indicators Are Useless and Should Be Banished from Your Computer Screen. Ours is Different and We Can Prove It

The Omegavus MACD is a custom built indicator originally designed by Carlos for use in his own daily trading activities. The reason why the vast majority of indicators do not work is because they are lagging indicators. That means they show information based on what HAS happened, instead of what IS happening.

Our MACD is an early warning indicator. It tells you about the momentum of the market allowing you to predict future price movements. Just scroll backwards in time once you have it installed and you will see the proof. Combine this with the rest of our powerful strategy you will see a very sharp increase in your win rate.

Got an Hour Spare to Improve Your Trading?
The Video Vault, (containing Previous Forecasts) is an Educational Goldmine

Our members demanded that we keep the daily forecast videos online for them to watch back any time they like. It’s no surprise really since there is so much knowledge and insight shared in each one. That’s why we built the ForesightFX Video Vault. Full members can now go back and watch previous forecasts and training videos for even more in depth training and technical analysis. If you have an hour spare (or even a week spare), just dive into the previous forecasts. Scroll back in your MT4 and see how trades played out in real time.

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If You Sincerely Want to Succeed with Forex You Will Get There Faster with Our Daily Advice and Guidance. The Vast Majority of Well Meaning People Looking to Improve Their Lives Through Trading Will Fail. We Can Ensure You Are Not One of those People

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ForesightFX was Founded by Carlos Diaz. A Respected Trading Authority With Over 20 Years Experience.

Most trading websites, courses and services spring up overnight amidst a massive amount of hype and fake screenshots. They usually also disappear without a trace just as quickly. ForesightFX is different. We have built up a reputation and a strong following because we focus on what matters. It’s not about overnight riches, it’s about building a foundation for successful trading that will last into the foreseeable future. That is why we continue to grow while our competitors struggle.

Our 14 Day Trial & 200 PIP Guarantee Means You Have Nothing To Lose & Everything To Gain

We decided to offer the 14 day trial so that you can get a taste of ForesightFX and see for yourself that we mean business. If you cannot justify investing $7 into your forex business to see whether a 20 year professional trader can improve your trading with daily coaching and advice then you are not going to last long in the unforgiving world of trading. We have done everything possible to make this a “no-brainer” decision for you. However, we also want to put our money where our mouth is (so to speak). So how about we take this a step further. If you ever have a month where you have followed Carlos trading advice exactly and still do not manage to make at least 200 PIPS profit we will refund that months membership costs. Now we have removed all barriers and risk. You literally cannot lose if you sign up today and trade as directed.


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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWill this work for a complete beginner or is it only for advanced traders?

    It doesn’t matter if you just discovered forex or if you’ve been trading 30 years. ForesightFX will make you a better trader.

  • q-iconWhy should I sign up today instead of waiting?

    Because the price will go up (as we add more training), but it will never go down. Plus, we might remove the trial option at any time – we are just trying it out for now.

  • q-iconCan I cancel anytime?

    Yes. There is a link in the back office that allows you to cancel without contacting anyone. We’ve made it as easy as possible as we only want ecstatic customers inside ForesightFX.

  • q-iconCan I just buy the MACD on it’s own?

    No. The MACD is only available to full ForesightFX members. The easiest way for you to get it is to join as a full member and cancel before the second payment is taken. We do not offer refunds (except the 200 pip guarantee) in order to ensure people don’t abuse the system to get the MACD without paying

  • q-iconDo you guarantee that I’ll make a good return by following your trading strategy.

    Yes. If you follow our strategies exactly and fail to make at least 200 pips we’ll refund that months membership costs (although this hasn‘t happened yet).

  • q-iconI have taken a trial before. Can I take another trial?

    No. We believe that one trial is enough time for someone to decide if our service is for them or not. Let’s face it, most forex services do not give a generous 14 day trial like we do. If you have had a trial previously you need to go for the Full Member option.

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